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The Fusion 1400 is a compact hydronic surface heat system for smaller projects.

Heated hose can stay on the spool allowing smaller lengths to be applied to the site.

Easily train users on this equipment with one touch-start capability. Thaw specific areas,

and use during cold weather concrete warming/curing, pre pour warming, and ground frost prevention. Light enough to be towed by a pickup. Priced for performance.

FUSION 1400  Self contained equipment with Real Capability

The 1400’s wet spool allows hose to stay on the spool. Use what you need– 10 ft, 100 ft, up to 1400 feet.




Closed Loop System

   • Move heated fluid vertically or sideways

   • Use on columns, bridge decks and other complex applications.

   • Uses no external reservoirs.

   • Maximize heat and fuel efficiency


Multi Zone Layout

Use one zone for smaller jobs. The use of multiple zones creates higher return temps for a quicker and more effective thaw. Zone heat control throughout the layout equalizes heat for more consistent concrete curing.


Heavy Duty Hose Reel

Reel has: high/low speed, forward/reverse, and a direct drive gear box assembly for durability.  An easy Soft start/stop control during hose layout and take-up makes for less wear and tear Freewheel option for faster setup. Auto-electric brake for transportation.


Fuel Heater

Adds 4% fuel savings with optimum fuel burn temp, assists boiler

at high altitudes, prevents gelling in extreme cold weather.


FLEX GUARD Guard Against Contamination Spills
The Fusion 1400 has a built in a spill containment area with undercarriage drains. Flex Guard comes standard– designed to hold 150% containment should an accident occur.







Tongue Weight:

Fuel Capacity


Fuel Requirements:

Fuel Consumption


Operating Temp

Boiler Efficiency

Heat Transfer Fluid

Heat Transfer Hose


Circulation Pump

Fill Pump

Reserve Tank

Hose Reel


Space Heating

Thaw Area

Cure Area

5,000 lbs. (2,267.96 kg) (with Genset, fully fueled)

4,500 lbs. (2,041.17 kg) (without Genset, fully fueled)

134 in. (340.36 cm)

74.25 in. (188.60 cm)

87 in. (221 cm)

800 lbs (362.78 kg) (with Genset)

105 Gal.  (397.47 lt.) (w/dual wall tank)

120 Gal.  (492.10 lt.) (w/out dual wall tank)

 #1 Diesel Fuel

1.25 GPH burner nozzle, without generator (at full operation)

One 210,000 Input BTU

50ºF – 190ºF

87% (with fuel per-heater)

48 US gallons (181.70 liters)

1,400 ft. [2 x 700 ft.] x 5/8 in. ID

426.72 m [2 x 213.36.49 m] x 16 mm ID

One 3/4 hp


14 gal. (53 liters)

Direct drive, high/low speed, (forward & reverse)

Freewheeling out and in reverse with soft start & stop

Up to 175,000 BTUs

Up to 2,800 sq. ft. (260 sq m)

Up to 8,400 sq. ft. (optimal conditions slab on grade)

Control the thaw, predict the cure and manage the schedule with applied technologies


The SAT/COM, GPS System is available on all Fusion models.

Via Text Message– notifications are sent when temperature drops or fuel is low. Many different users may be notified– even gas & oil companies for refueling. Plus with GPS owners can track their equipment.



Maximize curing in the harshest cold weather concreting conditions

Max Cure controls the supply or return temperature for balanced heating when curing. It is fuel efficient heat control for frost prevention, pre-pours, and Spoil pile warming.



Emergency sensor technology for Gen-Set operation

The generator can be used to power the system or as a reserve. Maintain operation should shore power go down. A Power module will activate or disengage the generator as required.



No service interruptions

Eliminate generator oil changes for the season. Service only once every 3000 hours. Service Guard equipped Gen-Sets have durable, large capacity oil tank and fuel filter.

Avoid constant oil changes

Optionally equipped Gen-Sets are built with large oil reserve and oil/fuel filters. Keep power running. Weekly engine oil changes that are sometimes missed  causing wear and tear go away.