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Site Solutions

Curing during winter becomes a specialty

Concrete Curing in Cold Weather

The Fusion Series Max Cure Concrete Warming/Curing System allows concrete work to continue throughout the cold weather of the winter months. This results in more efficient scheduling of construction crews and equipment and helps to maintain a steady work schedule throughout the winter. This purpose-built system works well for thawing sub grades and curing concrete walls, concrete form curing, curing concrete slabs on grade, curing elevated concrete slabs and curing concrete columns without the need for expensive and time consuming heated enclosures.


The Fusion Series Max Cure Concrete Warming/Curing System can also be used for concrete pre pour warming for cold concrete pouring or for pre warming a concrete form for cold weather construction. Just place the hoses on the concrete or on walls or concrete forms, and cover with insulated construction blankets. Max Cure only heats the area under the insulated concrete blankets making it far more efficient, reliable and economical than heated enclosures for concrete warming/curing.

Roads and Bridges

Winter Construction Specialties (WCS), a subcontractor in all types of winter construction projects, is based in Minnesota, but contracts/consults Nationwide. They have done many successful bridge deck cures in the fall and spring shoulder seasons, as well as winter. The Fusion Max Cure is the only system they will use for bridge deck concrete cure jobs, or any other cold weather concreting projects.