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Introducing Max Cure

MAXCURE developed by FlexTemp Systems is a revolutionary and one of a kind system in its advanced heat control design. Allowing fluid temperatures to be regulated automatically. This technology fusioned with the Zone System link creates satisfied contractors with successful cold weather concrete pours, schedules, budgets and customers. Ground Thawing equipment currently used in concrete warming/curing applications are not designed for this application and are not the right tool for the job. They simply have their boilers turned down to reduce the heat output.


Typical results:

      Uneven curing throughout the slab or Unstable heat control,

      Uneven cure reaction, or Boiler flame out.

      Boiler damage


Low temperature output of fluid through long hoses results in low temperature returns. Fusions technology differentiates by regulating out put temps based on a predetermined return temp setting. More zones are used to create an even heat throughout the pour. For example 50 degree temp at pour, heat hydration occurring, the Max Cure system may not call for heat. Heat hydration now drops as do night time temps. Max Cure will call for heat automatically when sensing return temps reducing.