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Flex-Temp Systems is committed to design, fabrication and distribution of energy efficient hydronic heat products for the construction industry. Striving to develop materials, innovate on processes, and build equipment that is well engineered, cost effective, efficient to use and technically advanced.

Flex-Temp's Fusion 3000 is durable, easy to operate and highly versatile during winter construction.

Design drives the basic function of our equipment. Technology and creative engineering improves performance.


Flex-Temp Systems is engineered by design, and manufactured by experts experienced in the use of hydronic heat during cold weather construction. Throughout this experience we focused in on the actual operation and use of various equipment in extreme cold weather to drive the design. One solution, each model is designed specifically for optimum heat area application with standardize features to use on various jobs.

FUSION  3000


Flex-Temp Systems develops Fusion

with new safety features and updates

technology options


FLEXGUARD  Is a new prevention feature built into

the base of the trailer engineered to hold up to

150% spill containment.


An optional GenSet for emergency power is supported by   sensing technology  FAILSAFEPOWER. A backup power module that activates or disengage the generator as required.


To avoid service interruption. We've eliminated oil changes for the season. FLEXGUARD a engine customized

with a large capacity oil tank and fuel filter. Reduce generator service time to once every 3000 hours, and expand run time.



transmits sensor and data information. Alert info is sent when temperatures drop or fuel is low. There can be multiple notifications at once, even to gas & oil companies for refueling.


MAXCURE Self-activating offsets handle the supply or return temperature for balanced heating when curing.

Control heat flow in and out for frost prevention, pre-pours, and spoil pile warming.


New safety features and options gives Fusion models

full capability. Job site placement and take up is

more streamlined,  functions are standardized and communication are packaged by need.


HYDRO 200 & 500


The Flex-Temp's models: the "Fusion 3000 and 1400",

the "Hydro 200 and 500" and the indirect fired "Indy Heat" model which puts out 1,000,000 BTU's non-combustion

heat are all effective mobile equipment ready for the task

at hand. Flex-Temp also has available options. Technology that addresses overtime hours, job productivity, down time due to improper application and costs imposed by extreme cold weather.

Flex-Temp's Fusion, Hydro and Indy models are built specific by heat area, 3,000 ft., 1,400 ft., 500 ft., 200 ft., and 1,000,000 BTU's respectively. They're mobile powerhouses helping you successfully thaw ground, fight frost, heat frozen surfaces, warm/cure concrete and keep environments heated in cold weather. These machines can be used alone or as multiples for larger projects.

Features and options like: one touch automatic startup,

a preloaded wet hose reel, SAT/COM functionalities and

a backup failsafe  generator is advance heat control, engineered by design.